I wish I listened to trigger warnings but I don’t, this is about weight, don’t read this

Of course I read this post and looked up Karen Carpenter’s weight at death, which happens to be exactly the weight I am now. She was three inches shorter than I am. Hahahahaha.

I bought The Heavy yesterday, telling myself that my motivation for the purchase was purely borne out of a) an interest in this parental overshare thing and how I feel about it, and b) an attempt to be fair (I read Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother after the super-controversial WaPo article, and in the book Chua comes off as a parent who makes mistakes and has a sense of humour about them and acknowledges her own failings, and is not actually hugely different from lots of parents I knew growing up) and I do have a lot to say about the book, but don’t really want to say anything about it right now other than the fact that every time I read a weight loss anything and am faced with how difficult it is and how much vigilance is required, I think about how I need to apply the exact same vigilance to weight-gain work, and it all feels too exhausting.

ETA: Okay, to be really perfectly honest in an ugly way that I didn’t want to face up to when I wrote this post: I don’t know if I do even weigh the same as Karen Carpenter right now because I haven’t got on a scale in a really long time so I’m just wishing and hoping that I’ve managed to maintain that weight over the last few months, but maybe I haven’t.


  1. nopeblug said: the idea that someone with an ed would ever NOT read something marked “trigger:ed” is like the funniest joke in the universe
  2. isabelthespy said: "people who could probably stand to listen to trigger warnings about ED/weight shit are also 100% the most likely people to click on something with that trigger warning" is one of those really sad ironies
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